The design team

In January 2019, we appointed AECOM with Penoyre & Prasad and White Arkitekter to work with us. The team will continue to help us design the proposed new centre, should we proceed to the next stages of planning following public consultation.

AECOM are leading a team of experienced designers who bring the highest standards in innovative design and sustainability and who share a passion for creating inspiring and uplifting environments that are sensitive to their locations.

AECOM has delivered advanced research, healthcare and education facilities across the UK and around the world, bringing a wealth of knowledge, insights and specialist skills.

The team is enhanced through the presence of acclaimed practice Penoyre & Prasad. With a reputation for designing world-class healthcare and education buildings, and a detailed understanding of the London Borough of Camden, they are the ideal partner to create innovative design solutions.

Sweden’s White Arkitekter completes the team, adding Scandinavian flair to the design, especially to the interior and landscape. White Arkitekter has recently been involved in designing Stockholm’s St Erik Eye Hospital. Together the team are committed to delivering a facility that will be at the forefront of eye care, research and education.

The AECOM-led design team will now be working closely with the project team to produce concept designs for this proposed new facility. Staff and patients will have opportunities to input on these initial design elements. More information on this process will follow in the coming months.

Example designs submitted by the winning team.

The designs below are purely preliminary illustrations. These are not final designs.

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