How to get involved

The public consultation is now closed but it is not too late to share your views on the proposal to create a purpose-built centre in the King’s Cross area. A summary of findings from the public consultation has been published and you can find this below.

There are various ways to get involved and share your views on the proposal, which you can find below. We hope you will take this opportunity to join the discussion and send us your views.

You are welcome to make suggestions about what the buildings might look like, but that is not what we are gathering feedback on at this stage. There will be opportunities in the future for you to give us your thoughts on these and other aspects of the new centre, should the proposal proceed to the next stage.

Draft summary of findings

Read through a Microsoft Word version of the draft summary of findings from the public consultation. This document is open for comments and feedback until Wednesday 6 November 2019. A final outcome from the consultation will be published in November.

Write to us by email or post

You can also download a copy of the survey and return it to us by email to or send it via post to Freepost ORIEL (no stamp or other address needed).

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Bring the Oriel team to you

If your group or organisation would like to meet to discuss the proposed move and latest developments, please contact the Oriel team by emailing or calling 020 7521 4684.
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