Fundraising for Oriel and the role of philanthropy

Philanthropy, through Moorfields Eye Charity and UCL, plays a critical role in ensuring that Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology remain at the forefront of eye care, research and education and has a transformational impact on the growing number of people with eye disorders in the UK and around the world. The role of philanthropists will enable this new centre to be tailored to current and emerging best practice in healthcare, research facilities and digital education.  It will have leading-edge facilities in simulation and imaging (including the use of artificial intelligence), robot-controlled laser surgery technology, biomedicine, bioengineering and more to push the boundaries of eye science and deliver breakthrough treatments to the frontline of patient care. By pushing the boundaries of ophthalmic research, we will also inform wider studies in neuroscience, vascular biology, stem cell medicine and gene therapy, and contribute to the development of new treatments for conditions including dementia and cancer. Oriel will have a global reach, developing pioneering approaches to the diagnosis, consultation and treatment of eye diseases in countries where significantly greater levels of eye disease occur and ophthalmic knowledge is less prevalent.  It will embrace new technologies in telecommunications and imaging and disseminate knowledge and care around the world. In partnership, Moorfields Eye Charity and UCL are committed to raising funds through philanthropic support.  We are extremely grateful to philanthropists who have supported our work to date and who are considering partnering with us in the future.  Together, we can change the lives of more patients and people with sight problems around the world faster than ever before. For further information please contact: Rachel Jones, Director of Development, Moorfields Eye Charity 020 7521 4610, 07872 422219 or  

Researcher using a micropipette in a laboratory.
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