Improved outcomes for patients are closely tied to the ability to train and recruit the best possible workforce, equipped with a breadth of critical skills. Through Oriel, we want to improve our ability to educate the ophthalmologists, nurses, optometrists and other healthcare professionals of tomorrow. This would improve future patient care not only for patients attending Moorfields but also worldwide.

Although Moorfields and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology work together on a number of research and education initiatives, the current facilities are housed in two separate buildings and so are not integrated. Current feedback from students and educators is that the quality of lecturing and teaching is of a very high standard, but the physical facilities are poor.

Oriel could provide an improved educational environment, giving a number of significant benefits for students, educators and ultimately patients, through the provision of the very best educational facilities and equipment for future clinicians. Students will benefit from the use of exciting, new technologies and modern equipment which could further improve the student research experience. This would ensure our students are trained to the highest calibre, reinforcing our talented workforce to improve patient outcomes.

As well as improving the students’ experience, this proposed new facility could support a significant increase in the number of students. It is clear that there will be a need for an increase in the number of qualified and well-trained staff in all disciplines in the future, given the likely increase in demand for eye services.

The proposed new centre would also be configured to deliver education programmes to members of the public, including patients and their carers. We are ensuring the new centre would be accessible, equipping the education facilities with technology for those with a disability, which will enhance our capacity to run improved education and engagement programmes for all.  

Visit the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology website for more information.


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