Decision-making process

The major decisions that would lead to the start of construction NHS Improvement requires Moorfields to submit a strategic outline case, outline business case and full business case for capital investment proposals of this value.

In this section, we explain some of the main decision-making steps taken to date and next steps, including where plans would be tested before proceeding to the next phase.


Decisions to date

Initial consultation by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust on a proposed new centre for Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL and Moorfields Eye Charity.
Moorfields’ trust board agreed to develop a proposal to build a new centre at the preferred St Pancras site.
Moorfields’ trust board approved a non-binding option to purchase the preferred St Pancras site from Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.
Moorfields’ trust board approved the selection of the architectural design team.

The independent London Clinical Senate approved the clinical case for change.

The regulators, NHS England and Improvement, assured a pre-consultation business case.

Commissioners, NHS England Specialised Commissioning and CCGs’ Committees in Common approved the pre-consultation business case and agreed to proceed to public consultation.

North Central London Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee endorsed the plan for public consultation on behalf of all local authorities.

Next steps

The phases of the programme will depend on what decisions are made at several key stages but the following outlines what the timeline may look like.

May - September 2019, public consultation; September - November 2019, draft report of feedback from consultation and a review of the EIA; November 2019, update to North Central London JHOSC; December 2019, Decision-making business case and final outcome report assured; January 2020, DMBC reviewed by CCGs, outcome published; Early 2020, if DMBC approved, submission of outline business case for national approval; Autumn 2020, Planning application to the relevant local authority; Spring 2021, Full business case submission for national approval to commit public funds; Spring 2022, subject to national approval of full business case and planning approval construction would begin; 2025/26, completion of new build, start to move services from City Road to the new centre.

Alternative options

While the current preferred option is to build a new centre at the St Pancras Hospital site, we remain open to other potential locations and are seeking suggestions as part of this consultation process.

Any new locations would be subject to the same appraisal process and all options (including any new ones) will be re-appraised after the consultation as part of the decision-making business case process.

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